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Robert Fischetto has been providing technology solutions to educators for the past 15 years.  This is his short story.

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I grew up in Valley Stream NY.  Moved to Lynbrook when I was 11– Moved back to Valley Stream when I was 15.  Played for Long Island Junior Soccer League for most of my youth and I loved traveling the Island for games.  I realized at an early age the power of a competitive spirit.  I’m sure everyone from every community feels the same way– But living on Long Island is an indescribable experience that is only shared by those living there.  You’re just on the outskirts of the most popular city on planet earth and some people don’t even know you exist.  At least that’s how it used to be– The Internet changed all that.

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Sports helped shape who I am today.  It taught me the most basic life principle every person should strive for– Discipline.  It’s taken me til age 40 to finally attempt to utilize it– And I still can’t get it right.

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I’m a lifelong learner who just realized recently how strong my passion is for learning something new– Something I wish I discovered when I was younger– Something I strive to teach my three children, my students, and anyone who will listen.   Student Teacher.PNG

My career in education started in Hunts Point, NY.  During my last semester in college (NYIT), I took an education class as an elective.  I was majoring in Criminal Justice and had plans to become either a cop or a lawyer.  The education class I ended up taking was about educational technology.  I didn’t pay attention at all and did the bare minimum to get a passing grade.

As part of the course requirements, I had to observe a teacher.  My neighbor and former High School classmate taught at PS 75 Located on Faile Street in The Bronx– The worst street name to have a school on.  We drove in– I observed her class for the day and also worked with a student named Joshua.  I taught him how to subtract and the pure joy of excitement on his face when he got the answer was amazing.  There is no greater feeling than knowing you taught somebody something– Especially a child.


After graduating from NYIT I was waiting tables at a restaurant with one of my friends. Before one of our shifts, his sister, the same person who I observed a few months prior, called and asked if I was done with school.  She told me the NYC Department of Education was hiring teachers on temporary licenses.  This gave teachers a chance to work towards certification as there was a high need for teachers in the city at that time. 15 years, 2 Masters Degrees later, I’m Technology Coordinator at I.S. 131 in The Bronx.

The next stop on my journey to taking over the world is App Builder and Technology Consultant.  Let’s work together and make technology work for you.Grinning Face on Samsung Galaxy S8 (revised)Please fill out this short survey so I can assess your technology needs and create a technology plan that works for you.

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